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Q.1   Is there a minimum purchase amount?

• Retail- There is no minimum purchase
• Wholesale- As an initial investment, the order minimum must meet the amount required for the discount disclosed bellow. All following orders do not have a minimum amount.

Q.2  Which credit cards are accepted?

• Visa
• Master Card
• American Express
• Discover
• Debit Card

Q.3  What is the required initial investment?

Discount Chart for Silver and Stainless Steel (Net) 

40% Off $1,000 - $1,499 US Dollars
45% Off $1,500 - $1,999 US Dollars
48% Off $2,000- $2,499 US Dollars
50% Off $2500 PLUS

Q.4  Is there a time frame from the time my discount is authorized to my first purchase before my discount expires?

Yes, we give our customers 7 days to make their first purchase. If the order is not placed within that time frame, or the amount doesn't meet the requirements, the discount will be revoked. Once the account meets the requirements, the discount is set for life!

Q.5  Do you carry stock on all items on the web site?

We guarantee 99.9% that every item purchased on the website will be in stock!

Q.6  Do you exchange?

Yes, we do exchange as long as
• The goods come back in the same status in which it was shipped.
• it still has its original tag.
• Item was not used.
• The new item has a price grater than the one being returned.

Q.7   Who pays for shipping in case of returns?

If the return is due to a manufacture defect, the shipping is on us. All others the customer must pay for shipping. (Mexico only)

Q.8  What do I receive after my return was processed?

You will receive via E-mail a coupon which will cover the exact return amount. We do not give money back.

Q.9  What are the goods made out of?

We do 14 KT Gold, .925 Silver, Stainless Steel, and Diamonds. Each Item will have its proper description describing the metal base.

Q.10  I am already a customer, I have purchased at one of your locations but this is my first time purchasing online. Will my same discount be applied to the web site?

Of Course! With just a phone call to(Mexico) 01800- 00 AMORE or 5512-1400 from Mexico City, or an email to we will validate your current discount and apply it within 24 hours. No initial investment is necessary!

Q.11  Do you carry a catalogue?

We do not carry a printed catalogue. This is because we always focus on providing new and different items.

Q.12  I want to change my currency to Dollars or Pesos

If you wish to see the currency in Mexican Pesos, simply change the language on the top right hand side to Spanish. If you wish to see it in US Dollars, simply switch the language to English

Q.13  Do you provide any type boxes to give to our customers?

Yes, as per request we can ship out boxes with the order.

Q.14  I liked a ring, but I cant find my size, what can I do?

Give us a call, we will check for you if there a way to get it!

Q.15  Can I see the goods physically?

Yes, you can visit any of our show rooms listed under the "Branches" link. (Excluding department stores)

Q.16  Will a coupon work for me if I am a wholesaler?

Not unless specified on coupon!

Q.17  What type of certificate is GIA- DGC?

We have in-house "Diamond Graders" who graduated from GIA "Gemological Institute Of America" whom with experiance, and intense courses have gathered a similar criteria of a "Diamond Grader" in the Labopratory itself. This certificate is not backed up by GIA, nor are they at all responsible of the results, but it has great benefits, and very similar results of a GIA Diamond like:
• The Grade of the diamond is provided by a GIA "Diamond Grader" with experiance, and a diploma backed by the Gemological Institute Of America "Worlds Foremost Authority in Gemology!"
• We are able to provide a better price since we avoid laboratory expenses by grading the diamonds in house with a similar criteria!
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