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Laser Inscription

The most advanced technology in laser Diamond Grading and Laser Inscription for diamonds and settings is now at your fingertips! The "Diamond Inscription" service allows us to offer you the option to add that extra detail necessary to make your gift special, and unique by personalizing it with your own thoughts and feelings!

By inscribing the Certificate Number on to the diamond, you ensure that your investment is safe, allowing you to take your ring into service with the peace of mind that you will get the same one back!

The technology used to inscribe your diamond meets the highest standards of quality and safety worldwide to ensure the safety of your investment!

Diamond Inscription (up to 30 characters): $50.00 USD (Per Piece)
Certificate Number Inscription on Diamond: $50.00 USD (Per Piece)
Setting Laser Inscription (up to 10 characters): $15.00 USD (Per Piece)

Note: When you add ANY diamond inscription to your ring, we send you a FREE 20x Jewelers Loupe!

Free Setting Laser Inscription on any order with a value over $500 USD or over (up to 10 characteres)

f your order exceeds $500 USD (for Setting Laser Inscription) but the order has multiple items, we will NOT grant a free inscription unless each individual piece excedes the minimum value. Example: If the order has 2 wedding bands, and between the 2 the order acumulates the minimum $500 USD each individual wedding band will need to pay for an inscription. Unless each wedding band has a minimum value of $500 USD the "Free Inscription" promotion will not be granted.

TOLL FREE: 1(888) 636-9344, Local- 1(212)372-7728
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