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Q.1  Which credit cards are accepted?

• Visa
• Master Card
• American Express

Q.2  What are the goods made out of?

We carry 14k, 18k Gold, .925 Silver, Stainless Steel, and Diamonds. Each Item will have its proper description describing the metal base.

Q.3  Do you provide a gift box?

Yes, your order will arrive ready with a shopping bag and a box.

Q.4  Can I see the goods physically?

Yes, you can visit any of our show rooms listed under the "Branches" link.

Q.5  What type of certificate is GIA- DGC?

We have in-house "Diamond Graders" who graduated from GIA "Gemological Institute Of America" whom with experiance, and intense courses have gathered a similar criteria of a "Diamond Grader" in the Labopratory itself. This certificate is not backed up by GIA, nor are they at all responsible of the results, but it has great benefits, and very similar results of a GIA Diamond like:
• The Grade of the diamond is provided by a GIA "Diamond Grader" with experiance, and a diploma backed by the Gemological Institute Of America "Worlds Foremost Authority in Gemology!"
• We are able to provide a better price since we avoid laboratory expenses by grading the diamonds in house with a similar criteria!
TOLL FREE: +1 (212) 372-7728
TOLL FREE: +1 (212) 372-7728

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